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Canada Goose Removal & Control In Virginia

Canada Geese are beautiful birds that are protected by the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act. It is a violation of Federal and Virginia state law to harm or harass these birds, their eggs or nesting sites in any way. Removing, control and managing Canada geese requires special Federal and State permits — this is where we can help.

In small numbers everyone seems to enjoy them, but their numbers grow quickly out of control and they can cause significant damage to your home or business.


Some of the problems associated with Canada geese include:

  1. Their droppings (feces). Each goose creates approximately 2-3 pounds of poop each day. It is nasty, unsightly and creates a slip-fall hazard. Additionally, run-off into ponds, lakes and other water sources can cause algae bloom in these water ways.
  2. Canada geese can be very aggressive, particularly when they are nesting. They will attack other geese and humans that may unknowingly come too close to their nest site. This can cause legal problems for businesses.
  3. Canada geese molt every year. Like most waterfowl, adult Canada geese go through a complete molt every year. Molting is an opportunity for geese to replace their worn, frayed, or lost feathers with new ones. The molt takes 30 to 45 days and is completed by mid-July, a time when the adult geese are free from activities such as nesting, brood rearing, and migrating. The young are still with the adults during the molt, and at this stage none of the family can fly—the young because they haven’t grown their full flight feathers and the adults because they are replacing their flight feathers. Thus, the birds often move to areas that provide adjacent water for escape opportunities. By late summer all of the family can fly, and they move to areas where there is abundant food, joining with other geese to form large flocks.
  4. Canada geese can cause significant traffic problems as they cross roads, parking lots and other vehicular travel ways enroute to their feeding, nesting and loafing areas.

Are wild Canada geese a problem for you?

Is your business harmed by the presence of Canada geese?

Do you need someone to apply a goose repellant?

Are Canada Geese nesting on your property?

Are Canada Geese being aggressive towards you or attacking you and your family?

Do unwanted geese and their messy droppings hamper the enjoyment of your personal residence or business property?

If so, call Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services at (434) 270-0488. We utilize humane goose removal, control and management techniques to rid your property of nuisance geese by dispersing flocks using U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service-approved methods. We also provide Canada goose egg addling services.

We professionally service parks, golf courses, private residences, business parks, government lands, schools, athletic facilities, home owner associations (HOA), fields, and more.

Our top rated Canada geese removal company offers free, site-specific evaluation, personalized recommendations, and service estimates—all custom tailored to your individual needs.

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