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Southern Flying Squirrel (Photo Credit: Don Chernoff)

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Flying Squirrel Removal From Your Attic? We Provide Flying Squirrel Removal In Virginia. Southern flying squirrels are nocturnal, about the size of chipmunks. Southern flying squirrels experience two peaks of reproduction annually, with mating occurring once in late winter (February and March) and again in summer (June and July), with individual females reproducing during one or both of these periods each year. Young females may become pregnant as early as 10 or 11 months of age. Litters may be as large as seven pups, although the average size is three. Gestation is 40 days long, and the young are born hairless with their eyes and ears closed. Fur appears by the third week, and the pups are weaned at five weeks. Females raise their pups without the aid of other individuals. The life span of flying squirrels in the wild is about 5 years. They keep you up at night with their constant running around and noisy nut dropping, making you want to shoot holes in your ceiling. Southern flying Squirrels live in colonies and are very community oriented. The Southern flying squirrels are located in the Southeast United States. They use communal toilets just like raccoons and otters.

Flying squirrels cause staining on the outside of your house when their toilet is in your soffits, it looks like a brown liquid running down the siding of your house. they will fill up the area and then move to another spot a few inches or feet away and fill up another area, heavily infested flying squirrel toilets can make the siding and related areas almost black.

Flying squirrels can fit through a hole the size of your thumbnail and can squeeze through a linear crack the size of your pinky finger. Southern flying squirrels are omnivorous and will eat acorns, fruits, seeds also mice, bats, small birds, bird eggs and have been observed eating their own species from a different colony.

Flying squirrels do not actually fly, but glide from spot to spot and can be heard hitting the roof of your house at night. Flying Squirrels are very hyper and can go fast enough so that following them with your eyes can be difficult.

Flying Squirrels disperse out in small groups of 2 or more, that is why one night your house will be quiet and the following night it will sound like bowling balls rolling around in your ceiling the next night. They usually leave in the spring time when the weather warms up and will return in the fall, but on some occasions they will return for short bursts in the summer. We have found some colonies that stay the entire summer.

Besides your attic, flying squirrels love to nest behind bathtubs and in wall cavities. Their nests are not usually built up like red or gray squirrels that bring materials into the home to build nests, but rather have residue from their food as the first layer of their nest. We have found nuts, mouse bones, pine cones and deceased flying squirrels as nesting material while providing our flying squirrel removal services.

Even though flying squirrels are small, they make an incredible amount of noise, most of the time we find large mouse populations cohabitating in the same areas as where flying squirrels are inhabiting. Flying squirrels do not chew on electrical wires as much as regular grey squirrels, but they will chew on them. The best method for flying squirrels is an exclusion, not trapping. Using one-way doors and sealing all entry points keep them from coming back. And with our guarantee you do not have to worry about the flying squirrels returning later on. If the flying squirrels do return, the flying squirrels will get back in well within a year. All you have to do is call us and we will find out how
the flying squirrels got back in, get them back out and then begin the guarantee over again from the beginning, at no cost to you at all.

We offer a quality flying squirrel removal service. Flying squirrel removal should be handled by professionals like us. Call us at (434) 270-0488 or visit Virginia Flying Squirrel Removal for additional animal removal services.

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