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There are squirrels in my attic. Yikes! It is actually extremely common for squirrels in Richmond or Charlottesville Virginia to enter houses, primarily in attics. Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services has the professional solutions necessary to get squirrels out of attics and keep them from re-entering the attics of your home. Squirrels in attics can cause damage if the problem remains unaddressed.

Why Do Squirrels Go in Attics?

squirrels in atticsSquirrels in Richmond and Charlottesville Virginia currently have litters of newborns two times a year, once in the springtime and once in the fall season, they are continuously hunting for protected areas to make their nests. Squirrels get in the attic simply by chewing holes from the outside, typically above gutters, or at building gaps where dormers meet the roofline. They may also attain entry to attics by simply chewing corners of trim or almost any other weak area that enables them entry into the attic space. Contact us to humanely trap, remove , capture and control squirrels that have entered your Richmond or Charlottesville, Virginia home or business.

Contact us today at (434) 270-0488 or toll-free at (888) 893-1975 to safely & humane trap, remove, capture and control squirrels in attic. We can also repair the squirrel damage to keep them out! Visit us on the web at Virginia Wildlife Removal & Animal Control.

What To Look For In A Virginia Nuisance Animal Wildlife Removal And Control Company

Wildlife removal is our specialty. If you are in need of a company in the Richmond or Charlottesville Virginia areas to provide nuisance animal wildlife removal services there are certain things to consider. First, there are two types of companies out there, pest control operators (PCOs) and wildlife control operators (WCOs). Pest control operators (PCOs) are your typical companies that handle bugs, mice and rats. On the other hand, most wildlife control operators (WCOs) do not handle insects, mice and rats–they only handle wildlife. With us, your in luck. We are a dual licensed company capable of providing wildlife removal and pest control services.

Because of the current economy, some pest control companies are attempting to offer wildlife removal services. Unfortunately, most neither have the necessary training, experience and proper state licensing. You would not hire a plumber to repair the wiring in your home or an electrician to do your plumbing. Likewise, you should not hire a bug control company to solve your nuisance wildlife problem. When searching for a company to solve your nuisance animal wildlife problems in the Richmond and Charlottesville Virginia areas or elsewhere, the company you hire should have at a minimum three things:

1. A local business license,
2. Commercial liability insurance, and
3. A Commercial Nuisance Animal Permit – Issued By The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.

A company CANNOT get one permit to cover all employees. Each employee is required to have their own permit.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for references. Just because a company has the three items listed above is no guarantee that they have the knowledge, skills and abilities to solve your Richmond and Charlottesville Virginia nuisance animal wildlife problem. Wildlife control operators do not necessarily consider themselves as trappers. While trapping animals is part of the job, we are problem solvers. No two nuisance animal wildlife problems are the same, and some animal species are extremely unique and are difficult for even the most experienced wildlife control operator (WCO). We tell our customers that the only certainty with nuisance animal wildlife is their uncertainty and unpredictability.

If you live in the Richmond or Charlottesville Virginia area and need a company with the knowledge, skills, abilities, and professionalism to handle your nuisance animal wildlife problem contact Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services, LLC at (434) 270-0488 or toll-free at (888) 893-1975. We offer the humane and efficient removal of ALL types of animal wildlife. Some of the animals we handle include, but are not limited to: bats, birds, beavers, squirrels, raccoons, snakes, skunks, opossums, groundhogs, moles, voles, foxes, coyotes, muskrats and turtles. Feel free to call us with any of your Richmond or Charlottesville VA animal wildlife problems. If you don’t own a home or business in our service area, we have a network of other wildlife control operators across Virginia that we know and trust that can help you.

We provide residential, commercial and industrial animal trapping, wildlife removal, animal control and wildlife exclusion services 24/7 in the Richmond VA and Charlottesville VA areas and our work is guaranteed!

Life Cycle of Skunks in Richmond and Charlottesville, Virginia

Skunks in Richmond and Charlottesville Virginia are most famous for their foul smelling musk which they use in defense against predators and this adaptation alone has caused the skunk to become somewhat famous along with Pepe Le Pew and other fictional characters based on the skunk. Even though, many people know about the skunk in Richmond and Charlottesville, VA (more particularly its skunk spray), few people know about the skunks lifecycle.

Skunks in Richmond and Charlottesville are born in a den with about three to six other baby skunks (called kits). Their mother will watch over them in the den she dug out (usually burrowed out in soft areas of soil, trash piles, or under porches). Eventually the mother skunk will begin leaving the den with her kits to retrieve food at night (since skunks are nocturnal). After about twelve to fourteen weeks, the skunks will leave the den with their mother. The skunks will stay with their mother until they are fully developed or ready to mate (which can be up to a year after they are born).

The skunks in Richmond and Charlottesville, Virginia will begin looking for a mate in late winter to early spring. When the skunks mate, the male skunks will generally mate with more than one female skunk. On average it will take the female skunk anywhere from sixty to seventy days to give birth to her baby skunks (kits), which makes late spring to early summer the most common time for skunks to give birth. The female skunk will raise her kits by herself, the male skunk who mated with the female plays no role in raising the kits and may kill the kits if he gets the opportunity.

Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services, LLC provides skunk removal, skunk trapping, skunk control, skunk exclusion and skunk odor control in the Richmond and Charlottesville areas. We also handle all other types of animal wildlife removal problems. Contact us at (434) 270-0488 or toll-free at (888) 893-1975.

Richmond & Charlottesville, Virginia Skunk Removal | Skunk Trapping | Skunk Control – Facts

Interesting Facts about Richmond and Charlottesville Skunks (AKA Polecat) are as follows:

• Fact 1 – Definition: Skunks in Richmond and Charlottesville Virginia are well known for their ability to secret a liquid with a foul smell. The skunk belongs to the family Mephitidae and to the order Carnivora and are native to North and Central America of which there are several species. The common species of the Eastern United States (Mephitis mephitica) is black with more or less white on the body and tail. The spotted skunk (Spilogale putorius), native of the South-western United States and Mexico, is smaller than the common skunk, and is variously marked with black and white. The Spotted Skunk is protected by law in Richmond and Charlottesville, VA.

• Fact 2 – Skunks in Charlottesville and Richmond have two glands near the anus, secreting an extremely fetid liquid, which the animal ejects at will, as a means of defense

• Fact 3 – Skunks are also known as Polecats in Richmond and Charlottesville

• Fact 4 – There are 10 different species of Skunks

• Fact 5 – The color of the coat of a skunk varies from black and white to cream, gray and brown

• Fact 6 – Richmond and Charlottesville baby skunks are born blind

• Fact 7 – Skunks have terrible eyesight, but excellent hearing

• Fact 8 – Richmond and Charlottesville Skunks stats and facts
————–Weight: Spotted skunks – 1.1 pounds (0.50 kg) Hog-nosed skunks 18 pounds
————–Height: 40 – 70 cm
————–Habitat: open, scrub, wooded and developed areas
————–Lifespan: 2-3 years
————–Diet: Skunks are omnivores eating mainly small animals, berries, grass and roots.
————–They are also scavengers

• Fact 9 – Skunks in Charlottesville and Richmond Virginia are related to ferrets, weasels, otters and badgers

• Fact 10 – The skunk in the Disney film of Bambi was called Flower!

• Fact 11 – Richmond and Charlottesville Skunks are one of the primary predators of the honeybee

• Fact 12 – Skunks in Richmond and Charlottesville shelter in burrows

• Fact 13 – The best kind of pet skunk to have is the striped skunk rather than the spotted or hog-nosed type

• Fact 14 – Skunk predators in Richmond and Charlottesville, Virginia include coyotes, bobcats, owls and domestic dogs

• Fact 15 – The collective name for a group of Skunks is a Surfeit

• Fact 16 – Male Skunks are called bucks

• Fact 17 – Female Skunks are called does

• Fact 18 – The names given to babies are kits

• Fact 19 – The striped skunk is the most common member of the weasel family

If you have a skunk problem in the Richmond or Charlottesville, Virginia area we can help. Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services, LLC, provides experienced and humane skunk removal, skunk trapping and skunk control. In addition to skunk removal, we can help you with all of your other nuisance wildlife pest control and removal problems. Contact us today at (434) 270-0488 or toll-free at (888) 893-1975.

Skunks Causing You Problems In Richmond Or Charlottesville?

Striped skunk (Mephitis mephitis) is considered by many people in Charlottesville and Richmond, Virginia, to be a disgusting beast and general pest of the wildlife community. This reputation is certainly undeserved. The striped skunk (mephitis mephitis) is actually a non-aggressive, shy animal that serves the beneficial purpose of insect and rodent control. The striped skunk is very aware of the respect it enjoys and will rarely run from a threat. Instead, when disturbed he will raise his bushy black and white tail, lower his head and assume an aiming position, and as a last resort, start spraying. The unlucky offender then becomes a victim of two narrow streams of yellowish fluid (n-butyl mercaptan) secreted from a double-barreled nozzle in the skunk’s anal tract. The striped skunk can accurately dispense this secretion at distances up to 10 feet and can shoot five or six spurts at the intruder. If the victim is hit in the eyes, temporary blindness will occur. A near miss by the striped skunk will cause nausea, gagging and vomiting.

Although the striped skunk is a member of the mink and weasel family, the striped skunk is not nearly so sleek and agile as his close relatives. In fact, the skunks tiny head and robust body perched on his stubby legs give him an awkward appearance when walking and especially when trying to run. The adult striped skunk may weigh from four to six pounds and has long, glistening black fur with a white band across the forehead that forks into two white stripes down the back. With the striped skunk being a nocturnal creature, the striped skunk spends the daylight hours resting, usually in a cavity of a tree or under a porch or under the steps of a person’s home, they venture out only after nightfall in search of companionship with other skunks and food. These nightly excursions rarely take the skunk more than a quarter of a mile from its den. Striped skunks, like woodchucks (groundhogs), store layers of body fat prior to winter in order to sustain their hibernating bodies through the roughest of weather this is really prevalent in the Northeast. Sometimes as many as 14 striped skunks will invite themselves to share a woodchuck’s (groundhog’s) burrow (the woodchuck [groundhog] seals himself into a private chamber). During mild winter weather, the male skunk will venture outside to search for food, but the female does not leave the den on these mid-winter undertakings.

Stripped Skunk Locations
Striped skunks are distributed throughout the United States with the highest densities occurring in the Eastern part of the United States. Striped skunks prosper in a wide variety of habitat types including wetland, forest and agricultural edges. Skunks provide quite a visible example of the boom and bust phenomenon exhibited by many wildlife populations. Some years, the skunk population may reach up to 60 individuals per square mile. At that time, many road-killed skunks will litter our roadsides. Following these periodic highs, there is a tremendous crash brought about by disease outbreaks that may reduce the population to as low as two individuals per square mile.

Striped Skunk Trapping
Striped skunks are considered a fur bearer in many states and special seasons are outlined for their trapping. Striped skunk harvest is controlled by trapping seasons and regulations. Occasional skunk sightings around your Charlottesville or Richmond neighborhoods should not be cause for alarm. When skunks take up residence around homes, Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services, LLC (434) 270-0488 or toll-free at (888) 893-1975. can be called to handle the problem. Striped skunk removal professionals like us have all license’ that are required by the state and also carry liability insurance from a reputable insurance company. These documents can be made available to you before we do any trapping work at your home or business! Striped skunk removal is a very common problem that should be handled by a striped skunk removal professional with the right equipment—like Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services, Striped skunk removal can go really wrong, really fast as the striped skunk is a very nervous animal.

If a stripe skunk sprays you, then we can advise you on the correct process to remove the odor.

In addition to skunk trapping, skunk control and skunk removal in Charlottesville & Richmond; we provide animal control, animal removal, pest control, pest removal, wildlife control and wildlife removal for ALL types of nuisance critters. Call us today at (434) 270-0488 or toll-free at (888) 893-1975.

Skunk Removal Advice For Richmond & Charlottesville, Virginia

Have skunks invaded your Charlottesville or Richmond, Virginia home or business? Here are some tips that may help you deal with these smelly critters.

Skunk Removal By Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services, LLC

Skunks are nocturnal due to this you must avoid keeping pet food outside, at night-time. For the same reason, garbage should not be kept outside. If that is not possible, then secure it by covering it with a tight lid or by fencing it, as skunks cannot climb tall fences.

You need to clean your vegetable garden and lawn regularly to remove rotting vegetables, fruits, nuts, berries and leaves, which can attract rodents, insects and larvae too. The skunks can feast on the rotting waste as well as the rodents and insects. You should minimize the usage of easily accessible water sources and bird feeder spills.

Your habitat may have many places which can work as homes for skunks. You can handle it by enclosing open areas with three-foot high wire mesh. The fence should be one foot deep to prevent them from burrowing. Fence the areas which may interest skunks like the garden, compost pit, poultry farm, etc. Fill in the holes and ditches around your home and seal the ones underneath the house, sheds, decks, and other above-ground structures. Avoid keeping lumber and junk materials, as it may provide shelter for the skunks.

Finally, if you need help with removing skunks from your Charlottesville or Richmond home or business, contact Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services, LLC at (434) 270-0488 or toll-free at (888) 893-1975. We provide residential and commercial services 24/7. We utilize the most humane methods to trap, control and remove skunks and other wildlife.

Who Do I Call If I Have A Nuisance Wildlife Pest Problem In Charlottesville Or Richmond, Virginia?

If you own a home or business in Charlottesville or Richmond, Virginia, you know that dealing with strange animals is never any fun. And if you don’t have experience in the matter, you need to seek out an expert for help—a company like Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services, LLC.

If you’re having trouble with critters showing up on your Charlottesville or Richmond property, contact Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services fast. We know what to do to rid your home or business of its animal troubles.

As a wildlife control company, we are going to make a point to figure what type of animal we’re dealing with before proceeding with any course of action. For instance, you may have trash scattered around your yard every night, but cannot figure out what’s causing the mess. It could be something as simple as a cat, or, on the other hand, it could be a raccoon. It’s hard to figure out what it is if you aren’t an expert. A professional company like ours will know what to do to determine the type of animal that’s at the root of the problem.

Once our wildlife control experts discover what animal is causing all the issues, then it’s a matter of finding out how the animal is getting onto the property. Many times, animals can dig under fences or get in through the smallest cracks or crevices. Our professionals will know how to narrow down the possibilities as far as entry onto the property. As a result, we will keep this in mind when going through the process of how best to keep animals out.

The hardest part of wildlife control is catching the animal. Some animals are easier to catch than others. There are various methods involved in catching wild animals. The thing that our professionals know is that different animals call for different methods of capture. For instance, if the issue involves a snake, our experts are not going to use the same tactics that we would use to catch a possum; and vice versa. The bottom line is that hiring an experienced company like ours will save you time, money and offer peace of mind.

After the animal is caught, it’s essential that our wildlife control specialists properly seal off the opening where the animal is getting in. This way, you can rest assured that the animal doesn’t get in from that location again. Also, our specialists can help in identifying and preventing animals from entering from new locations.

When dealing with critters, you want to make sure whoever handles the problem offers a guarantee. Nothing’s worse than thinking you have all those pests squared away, only to wake up one morning and see one of those same critters staring you in the face. If you’re dealing with a professional company like Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services, we will offer a guarantee that the nuisance will be gone or we’ll come out again to remedy the problem.

When you know you have a critter roaming through your Charlottesville or Richmond property, you won’t rest until it’s gone. That’s why you want a wildlife control service company like Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services. We use the most humanely efficient methods to rid your home or business of animal pest problems.

Some of the services we offer Charlottesville and Richmond, Virginia homes and businesses include bat removal, bat control, beaver removal, beaver trapping, bird removal, bird control, squirrel removal, squirrel trapping, raccoon removal, raccoon trapping, skunk removal, skunk trapping, snake removal, snake trapping, opossum removal, opossum trapping, groundhog removal, groundhog trapping, mole removal, mole control, fox trapping, fox removal, coyote trapping, coyote removal, chipmunk trapping, chipmunk removal, and turtle trapping and turtle removal. Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services, LLC is licensed and insured and provides 24/7 service to home owners and businesses. Call (434) 270-0488 or toll-free at (888) 893-1975 to have us solve your wildlife problem.

Skunk Trapping and Removal in Richmond and Charlottesville

How Do I Get Rid of Skunks? Skunk Removal in Central VA

(434) 270-0488 or toll-free at (888) 893-1975

skunk removalWe know how to trap, control, prevent and remove skunks odorlessly in the Charlottesville and Richmond Virginia areas. We trap and remove skunks from under porches, skunks under woodsheds, skunks in garages, skunks on patios, skunks on the front porches, skunks in crawl spaces, and skunks under decks. Have skunks sprayed around your house or have they sprayed your pet? Give us a call. We get rid of skunks humanely. We know how to trap, control, prevent and remove skunks odorlessly from homes and businesses in Charlottesville and Richmond Virginia. Contact Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services, LLC, at (434) 270-0488 or toll-free at (888) 893-1975 for all of your skunk trapping and skunk removal needs. We also handle all other types of wildlife control, trapping and removal. Need to prevent skunks from digging under your shed, deck, porch or garage? We can help with that too!


We do more than skunks. We also humanely trap and remove bats, birds, bees, beavers, groundhogs, possums, rats, mice, raccoons, squirrels, snakes, moles and voles. We are experts at controlling all types of critters.

Getting Rid of Skunks in Charlottesville & Richmond. Skunk Trapping, Skunk Control & Skunk Removal.

Skunks are adorable little animals… if they live five miles away, or somewhere other than Charlottesville and Richmond, Virginia. If you need skunk control, skunk removal and skunk trapping in Charlottesville or Richmond, contact Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services, LLC at (434) 270-0488 or toll-free at (888) 893-1975.

Unfortunately, human territory and skunk territory often crosses and the outcome can be stinky at best. While the prospect of how to get rid of skunks may seem difficult at first, there are things that can be done to keep skunks from deciding a particular patch of land or backyard is their playground. While it’s not possible to always keep them away, homeowners can make their properties rather unattractive to these creatures. If they do, chances are the skunks will move on to greener pastures.

There are a number of things homeowners can try to make sure skunks don’t try to call their houses home. Some of the ideas take diligence and even a little bit of work, but the end result can be sweet smelling success. To keep skunks at bay try:

  • Keeping garbage protected and covered. Large, plastic cans with tight-fitting lids are often the best for storing trash. Bags left outside for the garbage men can attract a number of food scavengers…skunks are just one type. The key is to make sure the garbage smell isn’t released from the can and to help make sure trash will not spill over if the can happens to get tipped by a dog, cat, raccoon or especially skunk.
  • Keeping pet food covered or inside. It is never a good idea to leave food for a cat or dog outside over night. Skunks are attracted to the easy meal and they just might decide to move in for good. In addition, a host of other scavengers can decide to pay visits when food is left out. Watch out with bird feeders, too. Don’t let the seeds fall on the ground.
    Removing bugs. Skunks are natural born bug eaters. They adore things like larva and grubs. Make sure lawns are treated properly to avoid food-hunting skunks from finding an easy meal within.
  • Covering compost heaps. Using modernized plastic compost bins that cover tightly can help avoid this skunk attractant from reeling them in. If a covered heap isn’t possible, make sure to keep fruit, animal bones and eggs out of the piles. Stick with plant material instead.
  • Keeping fruit trees and berry shrubs harvested. Fallen fruits and berries can attract skunks. To make a yard less attractive, make sure to pick these up when they fall.
    Other methods. Some homeowners have had very good luck by using different repellants, fences and other devices to keep skunks away. Bright light, for example, is said to be a very useful and natural means. It might also keep other nocturnal animals out of a yard, but it does present a problem by serving to reel in mosquitoes and other troublesome bugs.

Skunks are generally attracted to areas where the feeding is easy. When tackling the issue of how to get rid of skunks, the trick to keep them away is to make sure a yard does not present a smorgasbord of food and water they can get at easily. A careful surveying of the property and a few fairly simple measures can be enough to ensure skunks and other scavenging critters don’t decide to call a particular patch of land their own.

Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services, LLC, provides pest control, pest removal, animal control, animal removal, critter control, critter removal, wildlife control and wildlife removal in Charlottesville and Richmond, Virginia. Licensed and insured. Residential and commercial services available 24/7. Some of the critters we handle include squirrels, raccoons, beavers, bats, skunks, snakes, groundhogs, birds, opossums, moles, voles, foxes and coyotes. Call us for an appointment at (434) 270-0488 or toll-free at (888) 893-1975.

Skunk Trapping, Skunk Control & Skunk Removal in Charlottesville & Richmond Virginia

Do you have skunks running rampant in your yard? Are they living in your crawl space? Then you need to call Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services, LLC @ (434) 270-0488 or toll-free at (888) 893-1975. You can also check out more of our work @ Skunk Trapping & Skunk Removal

We trap & remove skunks on a regular basis. We’ve are proud to continue serving your Charlottesville and Richmond, Virginia community. Our technicians have the experience to handle any animal issue that you might have. At VIRGINIA PROFESSIONAL WILDLIFE REMOVAL SERVICES, LLC we offer same-day service in most cases and a low-price guarantee. If you can find a better price we are prepared to beat it by 10% or more! Our repairs are also guaranteed as well. So if you have skunks and want them trapped & removed don’t hesitate to give us a call. Any time. Any day. Our trained staff is standing by to assist you. We work 7 days a week to ensure your home or business is free of wild animals. We look forward to serving you.

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